Based in New York City, Raw + Yummy was founded in 2014 by Paola Origel. Growing up in Mexico City, Paola began making pastries and desserts at home at a very early age.  At this time, organic farms were prevalent in Mexico, and the local markets that she frequented were filled with artisanal creations and farm produce. Inspired by the wealth of invention at these markets, Paola began to experiment and create her own organic confections, which she started selling to several local restaurants in 1998. 



In 2004, Paola continued her journey experimenting with her recipes in New York City.  Through collaborations with chocolatiers and raw chefs she has learned how to combined her love for making desserts and pastries with the benefits of using raw and organic ingredients for her creations.











Ever since I can remember I have been a lover of sweets and all kind of desserts.  


I could skip an entire meal just to eat something sweet.  However I grew up being aware that sugar creates negative side effects in our bodies, especially refined sugar.


I refused to stop eating what makes me happy and I decided to create a business that not only creates delicious treats but also pays attention to the ingredients we use to make them.  


I founded Raw + Yummy based on the notion that what I want for my family is also what I want for everybody else.  


Thank you for accompanying me on the Raw + Yummy journey.  I look forward to sharing new and exciting developments with you in the near future.




 Paola Origel 







  • Operating under the principles of Fair Trade, Raw + Yummy values social responsibility

  • We aim to develop strategic alliances with local as well as international producers  

  • We want to help sustain small, local farmers who strive to grow healthy and organic produce

  • All our products are made with organic ingredients. "Conventional" or "industrial" produce are grown with pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, and other chemicals that are toxic and/or harmful to your body

  • Our packaging is recycled 

  • Through our products we want promote better health, better communities, and a better planet!