Brittle, Cacao Bites & Cacao Bars


Our chocolates are crafted through our signature process that takes the finest Fair- Trade raw unprocessed cacao beans from bean to bar.  We only use organic cacao criollo from countries like Peru and Mexico.

Sweetened with dehydrated mulberries, dates and lucuma, our classic cacao line features a selection of Mexican and South American inspired flavors that include healing herbs and spices and local seasonal fruits.  


Enjoy the luxury and taste of pure nature!


Classic Cookies


The handpicked selection from our classic cookie line includes some of our favorite signature flavors, including Almond/Vanilla, Butterscotch/Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate/Walnut.  Each cookie is made with the highest quality organic, raw and vegan ingredients, artisanally crafted to extract the purest and richest flavors.


Enjoy the pure essence or raw on each bite!



Why eat Organic Foods?


"Conventional" or "industrial" produce are grown with pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, and other chemicals that are toxic and/or harmful to your body. Organic foods are grown without the use of these harmful substances, taste better, and are more nutritious.


What are Living and Raw Foods?


Raw and Living Foods are foods that contain enzymes. In general, the act of heating  food over 116  degrees F destroys enzymes in food. (Enzymes start to degrade in as little as 106 degrees F).  All cooked food is devoid of enzymes, furthermore cooking food changes the molecular structure of the food and renders it toxic. 

Living and raw foods also have enormously higher nutrient values than the foods that have been cooked. Most foods that have not been processed in any way, shape or form are raw and living foods (until cooked).


Findings from 10 years of research showed that raw food eaters are thin but healthy, and have more Vitamin D in their systems in spite of not consuming dairy products”. Global business insights. 2014


Responsible Business


  • Operating under the principles of Fair Trade, Raw + Yummy values social responsibility

  • We aim to develop strategic alliances with local as well as international producers  

  • We want to help sustain small, local farmers who strive to grow healthy and organic produce

  • Through our products we want promote better health, better communities, and a better planet